This is stupid
#more pruhun!
What would you wear on a date?


I would wear cute clothes!

I’d bring a gun. Yeah, a gun seems good

(a gun is not a piece of clothing Prussia

idk, i have a thing for possessive!Prussia)


fucking dork

#more pruhun!
Dear Diary, the most awesome mornings in the world…




this is so fucking cheesy

this is the ship that will break my heart


Finally done jesus. Here’s your pirateAU!Pruhun

au in which hungary is a pirate ship captain and prussia is a thief that she caught stealing from her ship
Happy Valentines Day! [PruHun version]


sigh, i just love these two too much 

((Well here’s my pruhun contribution of the month… i dont think i’ll be updating this blog anymore. I have 0 time to update. I will keep on drawing pruhun stuff but i’ll post them on my main blog. Sorry and thank you all for supporting me for so long!))


OTP Soundtrack || "Just Your Problem" PruHun side
     » Illustrations by: mamiko/saica
     » Lyrics based on: I’m Just Your Problem || Adventure Time || Marshall Lee version by Ashe


my updates will be very irregular from now on. irregular as in once a month to twice a week. usually, school drains the life outta me so i have 0 motivation to draw.

also, my style may be different from post to post. my drawing skills are not very stable either OTL. (wow that last post and the one from a month ago are so different… idk if i should be happy or sad)

sorry ._.


kay for those who have been wondering

i didnt update because school is a bitch and so is the ib program


Anonymous sent:

Hi i just wanted to say i love your blog is perf and i look forward to your future post ^^ *flees*

((the anons I get are just too kind u//w//u. Thank you~~


Anonymous sent:

I cant wait to see how you draw Lizzy in this new style -squeals- I love how you draw gil now shbdkfjfksnasfgjkl ;w; ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

((omg thank you so much uwu

hehe you’ll see when I draw her))